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About Us

A legal professional with an automotive background, she has 34+ years legal experience and  30+ plus years in the automotive industry. Throughout her career she has worked in law firms both large and small, corporate legal departments and governmental municipalities.  This exposure and the experience of working with legal professionals performing many different roles, at all levels,  with diverse backgrounds, has given her the knowledge and the foresight to select qualified talent.    In her role managing outside counsel legal spend while working for a Fortune 500 company in their legal department, she saw firsthand the budgeting challenges faced by law firms and in-house legal departments alike.  She is highly experienced in most areas of the law. Now, she is blending her work experience, technical background, her training with her love for the practice of law and her passion to help others find passion in their professional life.  She has experienced being engaged and also being disengaged at work and knows that the latter should not be a prolonged situation.  Hence, her reason for starting this company.

Married to a lawyer and whose daughter is also a lawyer, the legal community is intricately a part of her professional and personal life.  She is enthusiastic about motivating people, identifying great talent, and strategically contributing to the growth and success of the legal community.  She inspires young people who have an interest in the law to go for it!  She aspires to develop a pipeline program for law students in the state of Michigan who have limited access to resources.  Her love of art & culture has her regularly volunteering  at the local art gallery.  

Accolades and Memberships: Diversity & Inclusion Executive Certificate from Cornell University, ADP Certified Professional Recruiter, Certified Notary Signing Agent.  A member of the American Bar Association, National Bar Association, Black Women's Lawyer's Association, National Association of Legal Search Consultants, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Program.

Our Story

Our team consists of retired counsel, law students, engineering professionals with automotive manufacturing background and team building experience in addition to a HR partner relationship.  Our knowledge, experience, training and access to a vast network of peer professionals equip us with the tools to meet the challenge employers face with sourcing, recruiting and retaining the ideal candidate.

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